A lover of art and cuisine, Ines Ljubej is a classically trained musician but her favorite music genre is jazz. She started her musical education as a pianist. After finishing the elementary music school, she became interested in percussion, which became the instruments of her choice.
Her fist experiences on stage were with a percussion band Šus, the wind orchestra Šentjur, and the Big Band Šentjur. After graduating from grammar school, she enrolled in University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, where she had the opportunity to work with first-class professors and percussionists (Thomas Lechner, Gerald Fromme, Ulrike Stadler, Norbert Rabanser). She is currently teaching percussion in Šentjur and in Maribor. She regularly attends music seminarsat home and abroad and plays percussion in collaboration with variousbands. As a percussionist, she does not limit herself to classical music but is interested in more exotic percussion instruments, too, as well as in the musical rhythms of different ethnic groups. As a musician, she is not jus focused on perfecting her percussion playing. She is interested in the music field with all its variety of genres in sounds beyond the limits of convention.


Andrej Kos

If he didn’t play an instrument, he would work in the music field, focusing on musical theory. He is mainly interested in the influence of older societies on the development of folk music of various ethnic groups.
He enrolled in a music school at sixyears oldand knew even then that he wanted to become a musician. He continued his musical education at The Maribor Conservatory of Music and Ballet. He graduated with honors at University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, studying the concert accordion under the mentorship of professor Jannet Rättyä. A year later he also completed his studies of instrumental pedagogy at the same university. While studying, he had the honor of collaborating with a renowned jazz accordionist Christian Bakanic, which made him even more interested in exploring popular music genres. As an accordionist he is active in the fields of classical, contemporary, and popular music. He’s also thinking of getting on the stage not just as a musician, but also as a stand-up comic.

Double bass

Neža Pavlovič

Neža is a care-free and easy-going person who doesn’t need a lot to be happy –her bass guitar is all she needs for that, most of the time. She started studying music when she was seven years old, learning to play classic guitar but she soon switched to an electric one.
While listening to rock hits she discovered the music of Red Hot Chili Peppers. She fell in love with the sounds of the band’s bass guitar and enthusiastically started exploring the world of low frequencies. She started studying bass guitar professionally at the music school in Celje and with private instrument lessons at B.A.S.E. She is currently studying the upright bass at the conservatory in Maribor, exploring the world of jazz. She studied under renowned musicians likeMatejHotko, Andrej Hočevar, LukaGaiser, Uroš Lečnik, Owen Heart, LindaOh,andJoris Teepe. Even though she isalsoeducated as an elementary school teacher, Neža is first and foremost a musician, who also dabbles in juggling, beatboxing, and songwriting. She is a former member of the groups Big Band Šentjur, Arctica, Clade, and Soulmanoova. She now plays in the band Pocket Edition while also regularly collaborating with the musicians like Tim Bridges, Bruno Domiter, and the siblings Gal and Severa Gjurin.


Filip Brezovšek

Filip Brezovšek